From the runway to the warehouse, all you need to know about your favorite industry.

Longevity :

Building a Fashion Business to last

Whether it's Fashion PR, Photography, Modeling, Design or Marketing, learning the ins and outs of fashion entrepreneurship is essential to building your business in Africa. Learn about new consumer values and behaviour, global trade information and fashion technology. 

Africa :

Work locally, think globally 

When most of the talent in Africa is looking to go West, the West is looking at Africa with new eyes. Learn why living on this fruitful continent is a huge resource as a fashion entrepreneur and how to get the most from building a fair trade business in your own backyard.

Story Telling :

What's your story?

Story telling is essential in any area of the fashion industry. We are all telling a story when creating a collection or photographing a look but what about when creating a marketing plan, social media, branding? And how do you develop that story as your brand grows? This Fashion Talk will cover, how to find your unique voice and how to foster your creativity to become a fierce competitor in the fashion world. 

Revolution :

The Future of Fashion: Green is the New Black

The revolution will not be televised but it will be fabulous and eco-friendly! Learn about the importance of sustainability in fashion and how the key to success is also the key to saving the planet. 

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