What it's all about...

This is CFW...

But what exactly does that mean? 

It means that the Atelier Kate team has sat around a table for the last year planning out 4 days of fashion shows from incredible talent around Africa and the Maghreb. Topics for fashion talks that will help bridge the gap between fashion and business in a way that will help our young fashion entrepreneurs leave their mark, charity events that will be fun but also make a real difference as well as teach our foreign invitees about the beauty of Moroccan culture, after parties where everyone will have a great time with our kick a** DJs and party themes and most importantly networking events for fashion entrepreneurs in order to build both their local and international network of contacts in turn helping them to build their brand. 

In short CFW is art, is fashion, it's fun, it's excitement, it's joy, it's madness, it's beauty, it's love it or hate it, it's everything that you know and love about the world of la mode! 

In collaboration with our amazing partners and special guests, we are excited to bring you Casablanca's Official Fashion Week. 

Come join us in breaking all the rules and misbehaving because after all thats what fashion is all about.



Katherine Tramposh

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